Friday, 5 July 2013

How to win race of interview ?

Want to win race of interview

1. Reach the center in time and wait quietly for your chance.

2. Be concise and spontaneous in your reaction.

3. Present the required matter in an unified way.

4. Be mature with your viewpoint.

5. Listen carefully to the interviewer's question.

6. Speech in a conversational style.

7. Be sincere in presenting your ideas and experiences.

8. Be careful that your body language does not show any sign of odd like playing with keys and pens in pocket, raising the eyebrows, blinking the eyes, bad movements of hands, shaking the hands, etc.

Following Precautions:-
  • Do not express excessive details about the topic.
  • Be careful about showing your emotions.
  • Do not express irrelevant details about your topic.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


If you are appearing for screening interview on the telephone,then interviewer cannot see you,so there is a great need of dimensions of paralinguistic--pitch and quality,volume and tone,speed and emphasis.
A screening interview will be uninformed.But the interviewer will ask you whether it is convenient to talk.Then it's good idea to say NO and that you will call back.This is big opportunity to think of what to say and how to say it.Generally a telephone interview will last for 10-15 minutes.Always be clear about whom you are speaking.Just make an impact with your voice.
Some organizations are now using video conferencing.So it's good to arrive early and become familiar with the surroundings and feel comfortable in facing a computer screen.

  • be mentally and physically well prepared.
  • get to know about the organization.
  • feel confident and composed in nature.
  • anticipate questions and prepare the answers.
  • create a positive impression from the start. 
  • avoid talking too much.
  • speak clearly and steadily and tell the truth.